New Japan Pro Wrestling

im autistic and cant be stopped

i will establish a pro wrestling community on this site if it KILLS me

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trans rights are human rights

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intro time i guess?

hi there!! uhh my pages arent set up yet but other ppl are doin this so might as well

my name is soda! im 18 and im autistic and i really love new japan pro wrestling, but also some other things, which include:

  • metalocalypse

  • minecraft [mineblog is @endermite]

  • slasher films [blog for tht is @slasherfilm]

  • scenecore and Related cores im just scene

  • old web content

  • selfshipping [tht blog is @selfinsert]

  • yokai watch

so!! uhh if u like tht stuff smash tht rb and ill follow u